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Oil Services.

When your old steel tank is leaking, change it to a modern plastic bunded tank, easier to maintain and ecologically sound.

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Sometimes it's good to say goodbye. Your old oil fired boiler may be reliable but it's also inefficient compared to a modern condensing boiler. A modern condensing boiler is also reliable.

60 - 70% efficient.

90.1 - 95% efficient.

Oil Fired Boilers are possibly the best most cost effective solution for those of us that live off mains. With efficiency readings that are 'A' Rated (exceeding 90.1%) and great build quality for a long life (12-17 years is typical). The boiler can be indoors, outdoors or wall mounted in or oudoors. They can be heat only boiler or a combi boiler, heat only boilers are more efficient.

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Couple your new oil fired boiler up with a system magnet to protect the system and boiler and a new fire valve to stop the oil in case of burner malfunction.

Full workmanship warranty with LRS Services.

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